Importance of SOLAR PANELS

Release time:2020-07-08
Needless to say that the importance of solar energy in today’s life is immeasurable. To generate solar energy, solar panels play an important role. Hence, choosing the best solar panel whether you are considering for individual or commercial purposes is very pertinent. It not only saves the environment but saves your pocket as well. Therefore, it is very important to measure the solar panel efficiency before buying. The good quality solar panels last for at least between 25 to 28 years. For a new buyer or those who are not from the solar industry, it can be difficult to identify quality solar panels that can at least be expected to perform 25 years of solar photovoltaic system (PV). So, to help such buyers we have researched and accumulated few important factors that need to be considered before buying any panel.
Few important factors like efficiency, temperature coefficient, warranty, panel type and durability are needed to be kept in mind before buying any solar panels.

The amount of sunlight or solar energy converted into electricity in a per unit area tells you about the efficiency of a solar panel. If the efficiency of a solar panel is high then it increases the overall efficiency of rooftop solar power systems. If you buy an effective solar panel then your energy requirement will be fulfilled in just a few solar panels than general solar panels.

Looking for warranty is one of the most important factors while choosing solar panels be it for commercial or residential purpose. Purchasing solar panels is a long term investment; hence, it is very important to keep this factor in mind. There are many small and big players in this industry; hence, looking for better warranty also increases your trust factor on the seller.

Temperature Coefficient
We know that sunlight is the only source of solar energy and the heat of the sun decides proper functioning and efficiency of solar panels. The effect of high or low temperature on the solar panels defines the temperature coefficient. Lower temperature coefficient is better for solar panels.
The durability of solar panels is measured by its capacity to endure hailstorms, heavy rain, excessive pressure, high wind etc. Before sold, these panels are tested based on the varied external pressure and environmental conditions. Accordingly, it is being rated by rating agencies.
Panel Type
There are majorly two types of solar panels; Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline. Both the panels perform the same work of capturing and converting sun's heat into energy but the major difference between the two is the type of solar cells they use. As the name suggests, monocrystalline panels are made up of a single crystal of silicon & polycrystalline panel is made up of several silicon crystals melted together.
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