Release time:2020-08-05
With the changing time and increased awareness, demand for renewable energy has gained in the past few years. Among all, solar energy, due to its abundance, is the most popular renewable source of energy. With its popularity, there are some myths associated with it as well. Today, let us discuss some commonly spread n myths about solar energy.

MYTH 1: Cloudy weather is unfit for the production of solar energy

FACT:   There is a popular misconception that during cloudy weather solar energy cannot be produced & this is absolutely wrong. Solar radiation is measured in two ways, Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) when sun rays directly heat the solar panels to produce electricity and Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (DHI) when there is indirect heating of solar panels through reflection of sunlight i.e., on a cloudy day. In DHI, the production of electricity is less than DNI but it does produce electricity.

MYTH 2: It is better to install solar panels on the rooftop

FACT: Place of installation doesn’t matter; rather the amount of radiation panels are getting is the only important point. If we compare installation on rooftop over ground then ground that gets better radiation is better, cost effective and gives flexibility in the solar array design that includes tilt, size and azimuth angles.

MYTH 3: PhotoVoltaic System fails to provide electricity at night

FACT: It is true that solar energy cannot be produced at night but popular solar firms like JA Solar have created a lithium- ion battery that helps to store the generated electricity and are perfect for solar panel installations.

MYTH 4: Solar Panels need a lot of maintenance

FACT: There is a popular belief that setting up solar panels is costly as it requires a lot of maintenance that can burn a hole in your pocket but it is totally wrong. Solar panels require least maintenance. If the area where you have set up the solar panels is dusty and has presence of salt & moisture then you need to clean solar panels in a gap of three to four months else you just have to clean the panels twice a year , i.e., every six months.
Busting myths about solar power plants is the first step towards a greener way of living and adopting a renewable source of power. JA Solar along with its experienced team is helping people know more about the benefits of installing solar panels everyday, globally. Get in touch with their team today to know more!
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