Different Types of Solar Panel Systems

Release time:2020-08-17
In our previous blogs, we have talked about the importance of solar power and how it is the energy of the future. We have also discussed the geographical benefit of India in generating solar power by utilizing the maximum solar energy. Today, let us talk about the solar system that is widely used for generating solar power, especially through rooftop solar photovoltaic panels or PV panels. Converting solar energy into solar power may look smooth but it requires some internal process.  The solar PV cells set on the solar panels help to convert light energy into electrical energy.  The whole setup is known as the solar system that is broadly divided in three types and they are –
On- Grid System
In an on- grid solar panel system, the solar PV cells get connected directly with the grids without any battery connection. This type of solar system gets integrated with the main grid supply. . Here, the solar panels transform light into direct – current electricity.  Hence, a properly set rooftop solar PV system can save a lot of expense by efficiently supplying power.
Off- Grid System
In an off- grid solar panel system, the solar PV cells do not get connected with the grids. It requires a battery and inverter to convert the direct current and store the energy. This type of solar system does not get integrated with the main grid. It is suitable for the areas that deal with frequent breakdowns.
Hybrid Solar System
The combination of on- grid and off- grid solar panel systems is known as a hybrid solar panel system. Such a type of solar panel system uses both inverter batteries and is integrated to the main grid. In such a system, first the converted energy is stored in batteries and the remaining energy gets directly integrated with the main grid to supply power. It is the best option and saves a lot of money but the set up cost of a hybrid solar system is higher than the above mentioned solar panel systems.
All the three solar panel systems are used for both commercial and residential purposes. According to your need and budget, you can choose whatever suits you the best by seeking help from the industry’s best JA Solar at a feasible cost.
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