Transformation of Rural India with Solar Power

Release time:2020-08-17
India is moving towards consumption of solar energy at a fast pace. Solar energy is a clean and green energy that can be used to power even the remote areas of the country where traditional forms of electricity look like a distant dream. People in rural India are mostly dependent on Kerosene oil for their energy consumption and we all are aware of the negative consequences of regular use of Kerosene on the human health and environment.
 Irritations in eyes, difficulty in breathing, headache are few issues faced by the people using kerosene regularly. Hence, rather than subsidizing kerosene oil, the government should promote the use of solar power especially in rural India. With abundance of solar energy, there will be no dearth of electricity. This will not only fulfill the dream of 'power for all' but will uplift the socio -economic condition of the area and the nation. 
Let us discuss how adopting solar energy can be beneficial for rural India than Kerosene or traditional form of electricity and help in transforming the rural picture.
Ease of Establishment
Unlike traditional power plants, solar energy can be generated by setting up solar panels that comprises solar PV cells. These photovoltaic cells get charged through sunlight which is abundant in nature.
Cost Effective
Setting up of solar panels is bit expensive- that can be moderated by several government subsidies. Apart from setup the cost of using solar power is almost negligible.
No Harmful Effects
Unlike kerosene, solar power possesses no harmful effects on human health as well as the environment. 
Development of the rural areas
Solar energy not only fulfills the need of electricity but also improves the socio-economic status of rural India by generating employment. 
By investing in solar power grid and photovoltaic or PV installation in rural India, offering subsidies and supporting solar manufacturing companies, the Indian government can uphold and help in the green energy in the rural areas.
JA Solar, a popular name in the solar industry with the help of the government of India can help to fulfill the dream of ‘power for all’ and pave the path of development of the nation.
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