Rooftop Solar Panels & It’s Benefits

Release time:2020-08-17
There is no denying the fact that India is geographically blessed with abundant sunlight which directly means that power of generating unlimited solar power. This has inspired people to invest in setting up solar power plant or solar panels on open ground or setting up rooftop solar photo voltaic panels. The best thing about rooftop solar PV panels is that it do not require extra space rather it the best way of generating electricity for business or home without harming the environment.
Solar photo voltaic rooftop is the best way to go green and address and reduce the problem of climate change by reducing the use of fossil fuels for energy. The Indian government has an aim to reach rooftop solar energy capacity to 175 GW (Giga Watt) and to install 100 GW solar power capacity in various districts of India by end of 2022. While the Indian government has planned to provide 30% subsidy for rooftop solar panels installation for residents but spreading awareness about the government’s plans and financial benefits of installing solar PV panels on the rooftop. 
Factors to be considered before installing rooftop solar PV panels for energy requirement
For installing solar rooftop system, feasibility depends on the nature and type of roof and the important points that need to be considered are mentioned below-
  • The availability of sunlight and the surface area of roof are very pertinent points to be calculated before installing photo voltaic panels. With reference to an article printed on the Economic Times, a usual Indian rooftop can generate 290 watts of solar power in just an hour of direct sunlight. Now, you can multiply amount with the hours of sunlight falls on your rooftop.
·         The rooftop orientation towards the sun plays an important role in generating solar energy. South oriented roofs are considered the best for setting up solar PV panels as it receives the maximum amount of sunlight and for the longer duration. However, if that is not the case then the solar panels are arranged at an angle that gets the maximum heat of sun. Hence, to observe rooftop orientation before installing solar panels is very important.
·         Deciding the type of solar panels to be installed also marks a difference in the amount of energy generated and setting up cost. Also, how much surface of the roof to be covered depends of the size of the rooftop, requirement of energy and the system of installation (on- grid, off- grid & hybrid).
Rooftop solar system is gaining popularity over the period of time and has started becoming the major source of electricity consumption, especially in residential areas. JA Solar helps you in setting up your very own solar system with proper planning and implementation at a feasible rate. So, invest in the green energy and protect the environment along with saving a lot of money.
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