Difference Between Commercial & Residential Solar System

Release time:2020-09-10
In recent years, people have become more aware about the environmental pollution and have taken several steps in order to curb it. Use of solar energy as the main source of energy is a very important step of change. From commercial to residential purposes, solar energy is widely used. Not only it helps to curb the environment pollution but also saves a lot of money. Although, both the commercial solar power plant and residential rooftop solar panel require sun’s energy to generate solar power but there are few differences in terms of setting up the solar system for commercial and residential purpose and those are enlisted below-
Size- Size is one the major factors that distinguishes residential from a commercial solar system. A residential solar system is usually made up of 72 solar cells with a dimension of 65 inches by 39 inches. Whereas, a commercial solar system is made up of 96 solar cells with a dimension of 78 inches by 39 inches.
Installation- Both the solar panel systems are installed in the same way i.e., a bolted racking system.While the use of flat surface makes commercial solar panel system simpler to set up than a residential one but duration of setting up of a commercial solar system is way more longer than residential solar system.It can take up to a month in setting up a commercial solar, whereas, a residential solar system takes only two to three days.
Color- The commercial solar system uses white color while a residential solar can be either black or white. Mostly, residential customers want a black panel on black backing while commercial solar customers want black panels on white backing.
Efficiency- Commercial solar system generates more solar power than residential solar system as it has more number of solar cells and are comparatively bigger in size. However, the price of both the solar panel systems is calculated by the power they produce; making 5kw will cost the same for both residential and commercial solar systems.
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