Designing Tips To Make A Building Solar Friendly

Release time:2020-11-26
We all are aware of the importance and benefits of solar energy in our lives and for the environment, and slowly the world is moving towards the maximum use of solar power. To take the maximum benefits of solar energy, it is always advisable to plan beforehand and design your new building be it for residential or commercial purpose. Here are a few building designing tips that you can consider while planning -
It is the most obvious but the most pertinent point to be considered while designing the building with an aim to install solar panels. There must not be any obstacles or obstruction on the way that can reduce the reach or intensity of solar energy.
It is always advisable to design south-facing as much as possible, so that your solar panels can get solar energy for the maximum time of the day. The orientation must not be in the north direction.
Rooftop Strength 
Installation of rooftop solar panels and its stand is a heavy task and it implies heavy weight on your roof. Therefore, the rooftop must be of at least 6 inches to withstand the heavy weight and keep your roof damage free. 

Wiring Connection
It is important to have PVC pipe of at least two-inch diameter installed running from the roof to the ground. It can be used for both earthing and solar wiring. 
These are a few important tips to be considered before hand while designing a solar prone building to get maximum benefits of the solar energy. While setting up rooftop solar panels, it is important to consider the best in the market. JA solar is a renowned name and a leading solar company that not only helps you in setting up panels but gives you a long time warranty.
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