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Learn All About Importance Of Solar Energy From JA Solar

Release time:2020-06-18
Scorching heat waves, heavy rainfalls leading to devastating floods & landslides, drought, bone chilling winters are results of disturbance in earth’s natural cycle. These adversities have become common to mankind. Extreme is the new normal for the human race when it comes to the changing nature of the seasons not only in India but around the globe. The continuous rise in the temperature of Earth’s climate system is referred to as Global Warming or Climate Change. It is a serious problem that has threatened biodiversity and society. Along with these, it has also jeopardized the global economy leading to worldwide conflict and political crisis. Several human developmental activities have loaded the earth’s atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other green- house emissions that have resulted in temperature change. Burning of fossil fuels (coal, wood and natural gases) are the major reasons for increased emissions.

Many studies show that 68% of India’s green- house emissions come from the electricity sector. It not only causes climate change but leads to several environmental pollution. Hence, the need to shift towards renewable sources of energy was felt in the recent past. Among many renewable sources of energy, Solar Energy is gaining popularity due to its abundant presence in nature. Therefore, shifting to solar power plants is the answer to fulfilling the rising demand of electricity without emitting harmful green- house gases. Solar power can be generated for both mass use and individual household use.
Some of the major advantages of setting up solar power plants are mentioned below-
Slow Climate Change: Traditional ways of generating electricity is one of the major causes for global warming or climate change. On the other hand, solar power plants or solar panels do not emit harmful greenhouse gases in the process of making electricity. Hence, it can reduce the effect of climate change like excess or no rainfall, flood, drought, rise in temperature if used widely.
Dependency on Fossil Fuels: Thermal power plants require coal to produce electricity that emits harmful gases and is exhaustible. Whereas, solar power or solar energy is abundant in nature. Hence, moving toward solar energy will reduce our dependence on fossil fuel and help us save the environment.
Save Tons of Water: The traditional way of producing electricity requires tons of water every day to process and refine fuels, cool generators etc. unlike Solar PV cells used for solar power production that only requires the sun’s energy.
Reduces Air Pollution: Air pollution is the major cause of asthma, bronchitis, headache, eye and throat infection, and lung cancer. Hence, switching to green way of producing electricity i.e., by using solar energy will reduce air pollution making it clean.
The benefits of Solar Energy are huge. Along with protecting the environment, reducing the effects of climate change; it also helps in reducing your electricity bill. So, if you are planning to make the switch to a greener way of living, JA Solar, a leading name in the solar industry can help you achieve the same!


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